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Triple Strike

the good, the bad, and the morally ambiguous

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Name:Triple Strike
Website:Official Triple Strike Website
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The internet's first Triple Strike community!
Welcome to [community profile] triplestrike, the internet's first Triple Strike community!

This is the place for Triple Strike fan fiction, fan art, icons, fanmixes, discussion, and more! Gen, slash, and het are all welcome here. All pairings and all ratings are allowed, but please label fic and art appropriately.

Pictures and fan fiction should be placed behind a cut. Fic headers should contain title, pairing, and rating. Spoilers and anything NSFW should be warned for. Add other warnings/contents labels/notes as appropriate.

Tag your fan fiction. Tags are by characters' first names, except for Steele. Use the "oc" tag for original characters. If you need a tag for a character I don't have listed, let me know and I'll add their name.

Ship's Articles

1. No off topic posts. If it has to do with Triple Strike, it's fine, anything else doesn't belong here.

2. No flaming. Constructive criticism is acceptable, flames are not.

3. Be nice. If you disagree with someone, be civil.

4. Problems are to be directed to the mod, [personal profile] takemyrevolution, via email or private message.

CONTACT [personal profile] takemyrevolution AND SHE WILL GIVE YOU A CODE.

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alan, alan baringer, alan von volsung, aliens, alternate universes, au fic, colin mitchell, comics, corandisham, cosplay, dirk, dirk ferren, drabbles, fan art, fan fic, fan fiction, fanmixes, gen, gunnar, gunnar olloson, hadrian steele, het, hildegard jiordson, ian, ian torrens, icons, lance, lance ferren, loki, mirror universes, natalia jiordson, obscure fandoms, piracy, pirates, ragnar, ragnar ein, rare fandoms, rare fic, rare pairings, rare slash, science fiction, sebastian jiordson, sif, slash, small fandoms, space opera, space pirates, space ships, steele, sven, sven jiordson, swords, the crimson raptor, the ice marlin, the merry swallow, triple strike, tristan von volsung, valtra, valtra segel, web comics
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